Curren Caples Wins Volcom Damn AM; Reflects on New Generation of Skaters


Based on the surfer/skater combo, the style and the long blonde hair, the comparisons have already been made to the legendary Z-Boy, Jay Adams. He’s on the level to be traveling and skating with the likes of Eric Koston, Rune Glifberg and Ryan Sheckler. And now he has a win at the legendary amateur contest, the Volcom Damn AM. Maybe it’s time to state the obvious: Curren Caples is ready for the spotlight.

In due time. His time as a pro is sure to come sooner rather than later, but for now, let’s embrace the moment.

Several dozen amateur skaters were on hand at the Damn AM in Costa Mesa. Highlight videos garnered comparisons to video games and pro jams. The level of skating with this younger generation is just that high. But Caples’ runs were just that much more technical, that much smoother and that much more exciting (video highlights below) that the whispers have escalated to a loud murmur: this kid is ready to be a pro.

“I was shocked and excited that I won, actually,” Caples said. “It kind of gave me a bit of confidence going into my first Tampa Pro, which I skate in a couple weeks. I’m going to be a bit nervous but it definitely helped my nerves knowing that I skated well at the Volcom Damn Am.”

With the question lingering on when Caples might finally make the step up to skating pros, he touched on just how difficult it is these days to get to that next level considering the plethora of young talented skaters coming up through the ranks, citing the lack of brand support in a slumping economy. “Kids today don’t skate everything, and that [all-around ability] is becoming more important for sponsors and brands to get behind an athlete,” Caples said.

His time will come, be it as a pro surfer or a pro skater. The one certainty is that when Caples is ready, based on his talent, the opportunity will be there.


Chasen Marshall


March 19, 2013

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