Ryan Sheckler Steals the Show at the Inaugural Skate Streetstyle at Dew Tour


Up until the beginning of Skate Streetstyle, Dew Tour Toyota City Championships in San Francisco hadn’t been treating Ryan Sheckler well. The newest discipline at Dew Tour, however, seemed to awaken Sheckler’s competitive fervor.

On his first of four runs, with the Bay Bridge as a backdrop, Sheckler set the standard very high – too high, in fact, with a score of 90.25 – and the rest of the skaters were left chasing.

The run was highlighted by a giant 360 out of the dumpster kicker onto the scaffolding near the end of the course, but was preceded by his kickflip off the first kicker-like obstacle and ollieing over the Toyota Prius as he smashed through the open cargo container. The commentators could hardly contain themselves as the run progressed.

“I’m loving this new contest. Streetstyle incorporates different styles of skating that I’m into,” Sheckler said. “To get a win in the inaugural event means a lot for me and gets me psyched for what’s to come and to see how the thing evolves.”

Though his first score placed him comfortably in first, Sheckler continued to push the envelope. He twice tried to complete a backflip on the dumpster kicker, though unsuccessfully. Milton Martinez had the last run of the event and nearly eclipsed Sheckler, but fell just short, leaving Sheckler with the win in the inaugural event.

Putting to use the downhill flow of the city, the Skate Streetstyle course took over a three-block radius and brought in obstacles to mimic the feel of true street riding as only San Francisco can properly portray.

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