Elevation: Bob Burnquist Gears Up for X Games 17 Skateboard Big Air Glory


If you know anything about skateboard history, you know Bob Burnquist.

Hell, even if your knowledge is limited to skateboard video games, you still know and love Bob.

Well the Legend is back for more. With 20 Summer X Games medals in the bag, it still isn’t enough for Oakley’s Brazilian bomber. Let’s just say, this year is going to be absolutely all-time.

Coming off a Summer X last year where he landed a massive switch stale 540 into an indy 540 to earn a 93 and Silver medal, Bob is also fresh the heels of landing the first-ever fakie to fakie 900 on a megaramp – in his backyard. Which begs the question, what kind of aerial insanity will be going down this year? Will there be a 900 in competition?

We’re shaking in our gloves. Oakley gloves that is.

Bob is going to bring it this year, without a doubt. Equipped, of course, with Oakley’s super high-tech military gloves to protect his paws from the dangers of the X Games Megaramp.

“Oakley’s always backed my career: From designing customized protection gear to helping me build my megaramp in my backyard,” Bob said. “They’ve always been behind me – and landing that first fakie to fakie 900 wouldn’t have happened without their help, so I’m definitely pumped on coming out, representing and taking it to another level this year. The megaramp has been traveling and progression has been insane, so who knows what we’ll be seeing go down this year at X!”

Bob’s gloves, a modified version of Oakley’s Factory Pilot® military issue gloves originally designed for the Armed Forces and their combat operations, are an awesome model of Oakley’s care for the performance of its team riders and their needs.

“Whether it’s the gloves or just backing me on the “Green” message with my eco-friendly Fuel Cell glasses, I’m just as stoked as ever to have Oakley’s support,” continued Bob, who will be joining fellow Oakley athlete Gretchen Bleiler on Sunday for a special “Eco” event at X Games to promote their environmental message.

This much is certain: Big Air at X Games is shaping up to be one of the most utterly insane to date (as if the past ones weren’t gnarly enough). You should not and can not miss Bob in action as he takes to the megaramp once again to potentially make history.

Be sure to follow @OakleyAction on Twitter and Oakley on Facebook for some live updates from onsite. And tune into one of the ESPN networks to catch the full action.


Andrew De Lara


July 28, 2011

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