Starring Roles: Ryan Sheckler Set to Defend Skateboard Street Gold at X Games 17, Ripper Milton Martinez to Make Debut


Ryan Sheckler is focused.

Oakley’s superstar skate team rider has been in top form – shooting for a prominent video part and preparing to defend his X Games Skateboard Street Gold at Summer X 17. But make no mistake, as much as he’s intensely pumped for this week’s action sports spectacle in Los Angeles, he’s relaxed and enjoying the moment.

“I feel good – definitely feeling strong on my board,” Ryan said. “I’m looking forward to coming back to L.A. and hopefully follow up on a good run last year. But even more, I’m just having a lot of fun. Shooting for this video (for the end of the year) is getting me in the right mindset.”

His train of thought is reflective of his rise into being a full-grown professional and man. At a mere 21 years old, he may still be young, but his progression has been clear.

Ryan is pushing to the top of his game – while recognizing the talented field of young riders coming up around him, as well as those new to the X Games landscape.

“There are so many talented skaters in the field – the veterans and the young guys coming in all rip. Definitely looking forward to the challenge.”

One of those young guys? Oakley’s own Argentinian ripper Milton Martinez, who is, without a doubt, one of the most talented street skaters on the Planet. The catch? The dude hasn’t ever competed in an X Games on American soil.

Racking up Gold medals at X Games contests abroad, the South American head-to-toe Oakley charger is finally getting his chance to take it to the competition in Los Angeles. And chances are, most of the U.S. crowd knows little about him.

But this much is for sure. They will. Very, very soon.

With Ryan’s star presence and top form – combined with the excitement of Milton’s debut, this is sure to be one memorable X Games for Oakley’s Skate Team.

Add in O Ripper Greg Lutzka, who absolutely killed it in the Maloof Cup this past season, and there’ll be a lot to watch for on the Skateboard Street course.

Keep an eye out for all of the O crew as they vie for the Gold!

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