Love and Guts: Oakley Skate-Art Show Drops Into Big Apple With Thrasher Magazine


Love and Guts continues to smash its way from coast to coast.

Oakley’s killer skate-art show tour dropped into NYC last Thursday night. The much anticipated Artist Collaboration with Juxtapoz Magazine creator Robert Williams – and his heavy ties to Skateboarding’s past and present – brought photography from 30 years of Thrasher Magazine to the Lower East Side.

As the East Coast leg of the newly named Thrasher Juxtapoz Magazine Love and Guts Tour kicked off with a heavy dose of Skateboarding’s art and photography from the 30 years of Thrasher Magazine, original paintings and photos from the core, lifestyle-influenced magazine dazzled the many in attendance.

The show – sponsored by Oakley, Juxtapoz and Thrasher – amped all in attendance up and had the crowd experience what the Big O is bringing to the forefront of the art community through the event.

A special thanks goes out to all of the artists, photographers, skateboarders and musicians involved: Cisco Adler, Josh Madden, Red Bull – as well as Juxtapoz, Thrasher and Asahi Beer (Images by Nick Mendoza).

Peep the video from the event: