Old College Try: Oakley’s Love and Guts Art Show Hits Redlands University, Skate Legends Shred Ridiculous Pool


What do you get when you combine Oakley, the infamous “Ridiculous Pool”, skate legends, artistic expression and a college campus?

Love and Guts, Redlands University style.

Oakley’s Love and Guts Art Show – whose “Eyes Wide Open” exhibition to date has spanned the Globe to honor the memory of skateboarding’s fallen heroes whose lives were lost too early – ripped its way back to its home region of Southern California last week…complete with its usually extraordinary collection of skate legends, their multiple talents and their overall presence.

But this time was special. Not just because it’s the first college campus to be hit with the skateboard culture spectacle. But because it came with an added bonus: A shreddable pool with quite the reputation.

Before the show itself kicked off, Lance Mountain, Pat Ngoho, some youngsters and others took to the “Ridiculous Pool” – and flat out ripped during an afternoon sesh. The sport’s past and present collided in a stylish display…the perfect way to set the tone for what was to come later.

Fast forward into the evening, and the collection of legends graced the scene at the show. Lance, Pat, Steve Caballero, Arto Saari, Michael Burnett, Skin Phillips and others debuted a new panel Q & A format, where fans asked questions and interacted with their skate heroes of yesteryear. The result: plenty of stoke to spread throughout the night.

And of course, the show itself was killer – as always. The artistic talents of the group took the spotlight – with expressive works of art dazzling the collegiate audience.

Music, rippage, legends, art and Oakley: A flat out rockin’ event and day in the books yet again.

Check this video on the event – courtesy of our friends at Transworld Skateboarding: