Sick! Oakley’s Bob Burnquist Lands First Ever Mega Ramp 900, Fakie to Fakie


It’s eluded him for a while now. He tried it on the X Games mega ramp this summer…but to no avail. But when Oakley skate legend Bob Burnquist finally landed the 900 this past week – on his backyard mega ramp, provided in part by Oakley – it was even more insane than he originally intended. Why?

Not only was it on a mega ramp. It was fakie to fakie.

Check out what Bob had to say about the huge feat during a routine visit to Oakley Headquarters on Sept. 7.

On the 900
“The 900 has been my elusive trick. I was there when Tony [Hawk] landed it for the first time. I was there when pretty much everyone landed theirs. There’s been four of five guys who have done it now. I’ve always kind of put it in the backburner: I’d try all these other kinds of tech tricks, then I’d try it. But I didn’t want to do it like everyone else has done it – which is forward to forward. And also, the way they grab…I wanted to grab differently.”

On How Long It’s Taken – and His Attempt at X Games 16
“I probably could have done it a while ago if I did the same grabs or if I really focused on what was already done. But I wanted to do it on the mega ramp, because no one’s ever done it on the mega ramp – and I wanted it to be different.

Until I got to that point, it took me until two days ago when I thought: okay, I’ve been skating the mega ramp long enough. And I really thought I had it at X Games. I tried to put it in my run, because I thought, that’s the time when you have to put it down. If you’re gonna’ get hurt in a ‘make it or break it’ type of situation, that’s the time.

It didn’t happen. And because it didn’t happen, it was even harder on me. And it was a lot more pressure, because everyone had saw I tried it and I hadn’t gotten it. So ever since, I’ve been like ‘I gotta get this.’ I don’t care what’s happening around me, contests or whatever, I gotta’ get this trick, because it’s one of the most important things for me to do.”

On Opening His Mind to Finally Just Throw It down
“I just woke up this week and said, this is the week. I’m gonna’ do a 900, however I can. So I’m not going to be stuck on any one way. I’m going to try it any way I can. And that’s when the fakie to fakie came to mind. Because I was doing the 720’s really good. So I thought, maybe I could just turn around and try it.

I tried frontside 9’s, tried more indy 9’s. The fakie to fakie was looking better and better – so that’s the one I pursued. And I did it in one day. With the other ones, I’ve tried for years. And I finally opened up my mind a little bit.“

On Being Insanely Stoked on the Feat…
“That’s why I’m way stoked. It’s surreal. It doesn’t even feel right. It happened so easy. I mean, new tricks are like that. I was thinking in my head, what took me so long?”

On Why It Was That Much More Meaningful to Land It the Way He Did
“I’m just really excited that it happened on the mega – there’s that whole excitement around it. And to make it even better, it happened fakie to fakie – the first time anyone’s ever done it that way. So it’s a double first. So I’m way stoked.”

On His Mentality This Week
“Just go for it – get it done. For some reason, it’s easier for me to land that way than any other way (fakie to fakie).

Just clearing my mind of any thoughts like: ‘If you can’t do it forward to forward, what makes you think you can do it fakie to fakie?’

It’s a 900, just get it done however you can.”

On Being on Cloud 9 Right Now…
“I’m just a happy camper right now! I’m super stoked – I don’t even know what’s going on. I feel like I have a lot of life and energy in me to keep pursuing.”

Bob’s Message to Oakley Fans Around the World!
“I’m more than thankful for Oakley’s support throughout the years. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Oakley’s support with the mega and having it in the backyard. So it was a huge effort from all of us. To have Oakley help me out with my backyard mega…now I have the 900 in the bag. Oakley is a huge part of that, and I thank them for it.”

Here’s the video!



Andrew De Lara


September 08, 2010

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