Oakley Skate Legend Bob Burnquist Charges His Way to Runner-up Spot at Maloof Money Cup Vert Finals, Dias Lands 900


Second place isn’t always a bad thing.

Just ask Oakley skate legend Bob Burnquist. The sport’s icon was barely edged out of a victory by X Games Vert Champion Pierre-Luc Gagnon this past Saturday at the Maloof Money Cup in Costa Mesa, Calif.

“To be able to come here and show an all-around type of skateboarding, with the mini-mega and the vert, being able to put it together, means a great deal to me,” said Burnquist, who marveled at the addition of a mini-mega ramp to the competition this year. “This is the top deal. This is the toughest of the toughest. Here I am, 2010, and I still feel competitive. I’m here in second place behind P.L.G., who’s basically pretty much the best guy out there right now.”

Gagnon, who busted out a series of 540s and 720s in the halfpipe portion of the finals, held the lead during the contest and was a little too much for Burnquist, who has one of the world’s biggest skateboard ramps in his backyard in northern San Diego County.

“Pierre’s just such an amazing skateboarder,” Burnquist said. "I was trying to go as far away from him as I could on the mini-mega because I knew his stronghold was over here. All I wanted to do was hold onto that second place, and I was able to put some runs together that gave me that, so I was really excited about it.”

Even more exciting was Oakley’s overall presence at the Maloof Money Cup this year. O Skate Team Rider Sandro Dias absolutely dazzled the crowd by landing the first-ever 900 on the Mini Mega ramp (the second successful 900 landed at the Maloof Money Cup in two years).

And even off the vert ramp and street course, the O was everywhere, including a nice box location right on top of the Vert ramp, as well as some prominently placed tents onsite. Oakley’s Lil’ Jon also invaded the contest with a performance on Sunday with his trademark energy.

A great Southern California vibe, an awesome crowd and solid performances by all of Oakley’s Skate Team members (and all of the contest’s participants) in attendance this week made for one sick event.

Scope out some footage from the Vert Finals on Sunday (Maloof Money Cup Video):

Congratulations, Bob!