New York City Welcomes Oakley's Love And Guts: Eyes Wide Open Art Show

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New York City welcomed Love and Guts: Eyes Wide Open art show for what turned out to be one of the best shows to date. Oakley along with Juxtapoz Art and Culture and Thrasher Magazine came together to put on one of the most talked about Art events of the year. Featuring a top-notch line-up including Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero, Pat Ngoho, Chad Muska, Steve Olsen, Armando Roura, Giovanni Reda, Ivory and Shelter Serra and Oakley’s newest Artist Series contributor Don Pendleton. All of which gathered at the Red Bull Space in Manhattan’s Lower East Side for an amazing event.

Don Pendleton displayed his artwork from past and present as well as a special sneak preview of his upcoming Fuel Cell Artist Series Sunglass with Oakley. Don’s resume speaks for itself in the art world along with being involved with skateboarding at its core. Mr. Pendleton has worked with such companies as Element, Alien Workshop, The Berrics, Mountain Dew, Incase and now adding Oakley to an impressive resume.

The skate art show titled Eyes Wide Open is being put on by Oakley, Red Bull, Thrasher, and Juxtapoz during the weekend of the Maloof Money Cup Skateboard contest. This specific showing will pay homage to those involved in skateboarding who have lost their lives too soon. These losses have left a void in skating, but, their spirits and legacies continue to live on and as a special way to celebrate their lives, Love and Guts has chosen to further immortalize them via Eyes Wide Open.

With music from DJ Josh Madden as well as Special Guest DJ Taryn Manning the night was fun filled and packed to the brim with media, art enthusiasts and skate boarding’s elite crowd. Everyone in attendance was excited to experience what Oakley is bringing to the forefront of the art community through this event. Oakley and everyone involved have given this event a bright future. With this past Fridays success shows Oakley’s deep commitment into the art community and growing with it. Special thanks to all of the artists involved as well as Red Bull, Juxtapoz, and Thrasher, Paul Schulte and Marcel Seva.