Oakley's Bob Burnquist Takes Third In Bondi Bowl A- Rama


The Bowl-A-Rama at Bondi took place on a classic beach day with the sun shining bright and pumping waves. DJ Scott Wolf had the tunes cranking and the crowd in the grandstands cheered loudly for their favorite skaters. After a lot of great skating, 14 year-old phenom Pedro Barros charged his way to another Bowl a Rama victory. Oakley’s Bob Burnquist placed third.

Oakley’s Bob Burnquist was as spontaneous as ever with huge airs, classic Bob switch lines, including a switch rock-n-roll slider through the corner and many other switch combos, F/S lien gay twist, a frontside cab, Mctwist and more, eventually landing low and falling hard onto the flat on a massive air to jewels tap to fakie. This slam took him out towards the latter part of the session, so he finished behind Pedro and Bucky.

Skate legend Steve Caballero also rolled smoothly to a 3 peat in the 40 and over Masters division at the Vans Bowl a Rama down under in Bondi Beach, Australia.

1. Pedro Barros
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Bob Burnquist

1. Steve Caballero
2. Pat Ngoho
3. Mik Mulhall


Erin Edwards


February 22, 2010

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