Oakley Big Day Out Sk8


What a beautiful day out in Ebina! After the consecutive rainy days, 10/23 was such a perfect breakout day to throw a Skate Event. It took place in Ebina’s X-Dome Indoor Skate Park, which is one of the largest arenas domestically. 41 amateur skaters attended, including the winners of 15 tournaments from 5 different continents and 25 girls from open entry. They all gave their best shot at Oakley’s Big Day Out, supported by AJSA.

In the groove of DJ and Hip Hop, the contestants began their practice routines which prepared them for the finals. The winner of this tournament will be honored as the “#1 Amateur Skater” in Japan.

The time given to each was only 1 minute, which everyone thought was a very strict time setting to demonstrate the best performance. Due to the time limit, or maybe the explosive atmosphere the contestants seems to struggle during the routine. But, when the 8 year old (the youngest of all) Sejiri Ryo entered the ramp, the crowd just went crazy. After completing the 1st trial without any mistakes, he conquered the 2nd in stable condition to win the Pre-Final.

Girls/Kids/Jr division started in the early afternoon and everyone noticed the level of their performance, especially in the Girls division is getting polished each year. Out of all, Sayaka Iino (9 years old) was just marvelous. As the result, no one could stop this returning Champion from winning the championship in 2 consecutive years. Plus, she received the “wildcard entry” into the Finals (held on same day) and become one of the 17 Finalists to skate for the “#1 Amateur in Japan”.

When the “Final Trial” came, the crowds cheering and the scratching beat from the DJ was at it’s peak. Shinji Ohta (13 years old) winner of Touhoku Circuit, Andre Ogawa and Reiji Sasaki were all tied for the championship in the Kantou Circuit.

After a performance from all of the contestants, the judges struggled in their scoring because of the magnificent demonstration that was given by team Oakley. Unfortunately, our team captain Junichi Arahata refrained from performing due to an injury, but is still one of the Japan’s top skaters. Junnosuke Yonesaka, Taito Morimoto, and the youngest of all, Kentaro Iwamoto gave the “Magical Skating Moment” for the crowds who gathered at this event.

It’s time to announce the Winners of the event! The winner in each Girls/Kids/Jr division were called up in front of the crowds. Then came a time to announce the “#1 Amateur skater” in Japan as it became an historical moment, as the youngest contestant of all Ryo Sejiri (8 years old) was called up to the stage. This Oakley Big Day Out gave such a great impact toward the Japan’s Skateboard population. For sure, every audience member sensed that “The next generation is here”.

While the Skating population is striving towards the increase in Japan, with events like this it can help bring back and even create Skateboard fans. Oakley is hoping that someday, the “Japan-Made” skater can conquer the Major events such as X-Games and World Cup. Continuingly, Oakley will throw in the Best Effort to accomplish this goal, and to make Japanese people give even greater attention toward the world of “Skateboarding”.