Oakley's Renton Millar Crowned 2009 World Cup Skateboard Champion


Oakley’s Melbourne Skateboarder Renton Millar has been crowned the 2009 World Cup Skateboard Champion at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds contest in Berlin, heralding a new era for Australian skateboarding.

The 34-year-old Millar, who is known for his technical flip trick variations such as 360 flips and lives in Melbourne’s Elwood, started skateboarding in 1987, and has been competing on the World Cup circuit for the past 12 years. He’d been short of managing to break through to the magical top three until now, making his crowning a pinnacle achievement.

Germany was where Millar first entered a professional level contest, over a decade ago – and now it’s the place where he clinched the title of World Cup Skateboard Champion in vert.

“I found out just before the finals that I’d finished first in the rankings. I’m pretty stoked, and stoked to do it in Berlin because it’s like a second home to me,” said Millar.

Vert skateboarders are the daredevils of the sport, dropping in to a five-metre flat-bottomed halfpipe shaped ramp where they perform tricks in the air.

Vert skateboarding has traditionally been dominated by the Americans, and Brazilians such as Bob Burnquist. Millar’s crowning signals the start of a new era for Australian skateboarding, which has seen a slew of young guns making their mark.

Millar is returning to Australia Wednesday December 9th for the Mountain Dew Battle for Supremacy, his signature, invitational event for Australian skateboarders. The Dew Battle will be held on December 12th, in iconic Federation Square in Melbourne. This one-day event will make an urban playground out of the city streets, with elite skateboarders riding a massive street course constructed in the midst of Melbourne’s CBD action.

As well as killing it on the competition circuit this year Renton has been receiving a huge amount of media coverage this year, bringing skateboarding into the mainstream.



December 09, 2009

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