Sheckler Wins Dew Tour Stop; First Skateboard World Cham Title


Three-time Dew Cup Champion, Ryan Sheckler, seized the win at Saturday’s Dew Tour Skate Open park finals while also securing the first ever ISF Skateboarding World Champion title. The competition was held at in Boston’s famous TD Garden attracting the attention of 40,328 fans over the two-day skateboarding event.

This weekend’s competition featured twelve of the best skateboarders in the world and ended with the top six in a heated jam session. Sheckler’s precision and talent led him to capture the win with a final score of 91.03 after landing back-to-back frontside lipslides, boardslides and 5-0’s over the Celtics gap. In the closing seconds, Sheckler stole the competition by stomping a fakie heelflip down the double. Coming off this weekend’s victory, Sheckler is now in first place for the overall point race for the coveted Dew Cup. There are three more contests in the 2009 Dew Tour Season which continues in Portland, August 13th-16th, at the Wendy’s Invitational.

“This was a great first event for the Dew Tour and the ISF. It is good to see an all skateboard event as well as the love we received in Boston. Skating with Busenitz, Cole and Ramondetta was amazing, since they usually aren’t at Dew Tour events,” Sheckler said regarding his Boston win.


Photo: Chris Ortiz


July 29, 2009