Oakley Skate Takes On Boston!


Boston, what can I say, the Oakley Skate team showed up and you blew us all away.

First off, we had the 10th anniversary of Fall Brawl. Oakley Team riders Chris Senn, Dave Bachinsky, Will Marshal and Many Santiago all hung out to sign autographs and blow some minds with their skating skills.

Following the signing, the contest got in to full swing and being that it was a reunion of sorts, the smell of dirt was present in a big way this year. Some of the stand outs were Manny Santiago’s laser flips and late backside heels. Oakley’s Dana Erickson killed it with some deep dish front smith grinds and bigspin boardslides. The highlight of the entire day came from local C-Birds rider Ace Bizzaro who blunt fakie’d the 10 foot wall ride. Thus giving him a secured lock on the best trick contest. Other skaters worth a mention would be, Dan Carrero who came in a close second place to Manny, Ed Driscoll skating inside in Razor Blades and tying for third place and young gun Nolan Monroe who made finals with his airwalks to fakie, and kick flip Indy’s to fakie.

After the contest, Dylan Radloff (Oakley Sports Marketing Skateboard Manager) treated some of the local skaters to dinner with the rest of the team and area retailers. After dinner, there was a huge 14 passenger stretch Expedition w/ Block O’s on the windows waiting to take them to the Movie Premier.

Our Life premiered to a packed house of everyone who is anyone in the New England Skate scene. Obviously the crowd went wild for Dave’s part, but Rune and Sheckler got them out of their seats.

When the movie ended, we cleared the young ones out, and blew Boston’s minds one more time with Porsches on the Autobahn. Red Bull had the drinks flowing and Porsches took to the stage with their crowd pleaser, 2 hole, 3 hole wearing Oakley’s newest scientific invention, glow in the dark Eyepatches and Montefrios!

If that was not enough, we decided to through an impromptu premier at Rye Airfield on Monday. With less than 24 hours to pull it off, we packed the house with kids who wanted to see their peers, Dave and Manny’s big screen debut. After the video, Senn, Manny and Dylan got out and skated with the groms until we had to turn off the lights and throw everyone out.

Well, all in all, it was a pretty successful weekend for Oakley in Boston but I could not have done it with out a ton of help. First off, big thanks to Dylan for bringing Chris Senn out, our local athletes for killing it, Red Bull for finding a party location when the whole city was sold out, OUR LIFE for being a great movie and Porsches for rocking the house. Also big thanks to John Webster and the entire Waterville/Booth Creek crew for throwing an incredible contest, BK for the photos, and Aaron, Nelson and Trevor for helping out for all three days. In ending, a huge thank you needs to go out to the New England skate community for coming out and having a great time.