King of the Park


The 8th Annual King of the Park was another success. This year we decided to stick with what we know by bringing it back to the dirty south. The fine people at the Skate Spot in Lafayette, LA could not have been more stoked to host the contest and to be a part of what is becoming a southern tradition in its own right.

King of The Park is the only amateur skateboarding contest of its kind. This contest IS the next level in skateboarding. Simply put, the KOTP Main Event format is a blind draw, man on man, double elimination competition. Each skater has to literally fight his way to the crown, sometimes having to skate continuous several runs; each time knocking down another opponent. It definitely makes for an exciting spectator event towards the finals.

The recipe for KOTP is as follows:1. Collect 64 of the best amateur skaters from around the world.2. Add sponsors such as Oakley, World Industries, Sole Tech brands, The Greenroom, Origin Trucks, 8103 Clothing, Toy Machine, Pig Wheels, Foundation Skateboards, Real Skateboards, Asahi Beer, Obey Clothing, The Skate Spot Skate Park and Don’s Seafood.3. Mix in three well seasoned judges – Pete Kelly, Adam Laudun and Charlie Thomas. 4. Whip in some Nawlins love from BC on the mic and the music.5. Throw in some adrenaline from the creator of KOTP – Kelly Welsh.6. Let the whole thing simmer for three days of dirty south skateboarding madness, and there you have one of the finest amateur skateboarding contests in the country.

1st Place $1,000: Timmy Knuth
Age: 17 
Hometown: Melbourne FL
Sponsors: Graffiti Skate Zone, World Industries, Factor54 clothing, Ninja, Origin Trucks

2nd $500: Danilo DeRosario
Age: 20 
Hometown: Brazil
Sponsors: Oakley

3rd Place: Zack Kuehne
Age: 16  Hometown: Harvey, LA
Sponsors: Aminal Skateboards,Humidity Skate Shop, The Gold Machete

All of the riders ripped every day to keep up with the blind draw results. Jeremy Knibbs rode this course like no other. Fast lines and tricks like backside 360 ollies on the pyramid, wallies and kick flips over the hubba.

Paul Hart crammed in as many tricks as he could in a 60 second run. Paul has great style and really put it together with nollie bigger spins over the pyramid and a switch nollie big spin to backside tailslide big spin out. Paul won the best trick contest as well with that nollie bigger spins to back tailslide big spin out!

Tom Ryan pushed the limits on the 9 foot quarter pipe with melons to fakie and nollie to back tails. Dylan Perry put the lines down with total style and finesse.

Michael Manion took the Worst Slam with a backside 360 kickflip to head bash. Michael is okay and is ready for next year’s contest. He’s determined NOT to defend his title.

Dalton Dern backlips down the big rail, foot-plants and kickflip backside grabs.

Zach Keuhne took out Tyler Hendley (2006 KOTP winner) in the final main bracket with a bag of tricks that anyone would vote for. Switch 50-50 on the hubba ledge, big kickflips to flat and holding the flat rails down with switch back lips and switch backslide tail slides.

After everything was said and done, Timmy Knuth did it again by winning the KING OF THE PARK TITLE. Timmy is the first time Back-to-Back winner. Danilo De Rosario from Brazil took the Runner Up Position with Paul Hart winning Best Trick.

First off, thanks to our sponsors: ASAHI Beer for the tasty beverages (“Kampai!”), OBEY Clothing for hooking up the party people and staff with fresh threads, and all our new friends at The Greenroom for their support.The King of the Park party on Friday night was the place to be. A caravan of cabbies picked us all up at the hotel and we traveled at supersonic speeds to The Greenroom in downtown Lafayette. The bar was packed and it was ON. Maybe some of us were a little too ON. Pool, shovelboard, cold drinks, music and good friends were the order for the night.  Tyler Hendley won the King of the Club award and later renounced his throne (and everything he drank) on the cab ride back to the hotel. Good times.