Bob's Earth Day Organic Jam


Who better to host a party in honor of Mother Earth than the father of green, Mr. Bob Burnquist, who, along with his wife Veronica and daughters Jasmyn, Lotus and Vitoria, invited everyone from Lincoln Ueda to Renee Renee to Daryl Hannah over to his 12-acre idyllic organic spread in the foothills north of San Diego for an Earth Day Jam celebrating skateboarding and sustainability.

Lincoln Ueda, Elliot Sloan, Adam Taylor, Austin Poynter, Mike Mcgill, Fred Gall, Geoff Rowley and Renee Renee all showed up to skate the Mega ramp and the rest of Burnquist’s ellaborate playland. The live, solar powered jams of Escalera filled the air with peace and love, while tye-dye wearing, feather adorning earthies roamed the compound, petting goats, drinking Acai, sampling Bob’s new organic energy bar and checking out the Bob Burnquist Recyled Gascan, Oakley’s newest eyewear made from recycled parts and sustainable materials.

As the sun headed for the Pacific, everyone gathered around the Mega Ramp to watch some of the best riders in the world drop in for Mother Earth.

If you don’t know Bob’s story, just realize he has accomplished more in the last few years than most people do in a lifetime, winning almost every award and contest possible. Not only respected by his peers, Burnquist has also been recognized by the mainstream sports community—he’s been nominated for an ESPY and won the prestigious Laureus World Sports Award for Alternative Sports Athlete of the Year.

In addition to being a world class Vert rider, Burnquist is committed to the environment. Since turning pro, Burnquist has turned down lucrative sponsorship opportunities with soda companies and other big-buck corporate types, mainly because he feels strongly about eating right and being a good role model for his daughter, Lotus, who began skateboarding at age 5.

He is involved in an effort to recycle some of the miles and miles of linear feet of wood used to build skateboarding ramps. The environmental group Burnquist co-founded, the Action Sports Environmental Coalition (ASEC), dismantles event ramps and donates the materials to inner city groups as part of their “Give Back” program.

Thanks to Bob, Oakley, I path, ASEC, Sambazon, Chipotle, Toyota, Hurley, Flip for making it happen.