Bondi Bowl-a-Rama


For the fifth consecutive year, the Bondi Bowl-a-Rama barreled its way through the stunning continent of Australia leaving skate fans in awe just like its predecessors. I was asked to get Oakley involved again this year and given last year’s great event – there was no way I was turning down the opportunity. My faith in this event paid off big time because the action was amazing and our team had one of the best times they have ever had on tour.

The action was obviously intense and I was a bit nervous because we had some catching up to do in the standings, but it was not too bad being that it was all in good fun. The main goal of course was to win, but that kind of takes a back seat to the sights and sounds down here. Anyway, the action was blazing and we did not take first place, but our boy Bob Burnquist did us proud and took sixth place amongst a whole gang of great skateboarder all vying for the coveted first place prize. Bucky Lasek ended up taking first, and if you saw him skate during this competition, you would know exactly why. I don’t care who you are, you were not going to take it from him in Bondi!