Wellington Bowlarama


What did you do on your Valentines Day?

As most of you know Wellington Bowlarama was held on Saturday which saw some of the world’s best bowl skaters battle it out at Waitangi Park Skatepark for $3500US in front of an excited crowd of over 6 000 people!

While we didn’t claim first place Oakley had three skaters in the top ten (highlighted in red below).
As the naming sponsor for the event with such a huge crowd and media attention in NZ the event proved to be a great success. The finals were the most intense, original and mind blowing skateboarding New Zealand has ever seen.

This weekend the event moves to Bondi where the Oakley team will be joined by Bob Burnquist and Aussie’s own Renton Millar which will no doubt strengthen our presence in the top standings. Look out for coverage on Fuel TV, Sports Tonight and all your favourite skate media.

The prize winners were as follows:

1st Place US$3500 Benji Galloway (USA)
2nd Place US$2000 Ross McGouran (England)
3rd Place US$1100 Tim Johnson (USA)
4th Place US$800 Otavio Neto (Brazil)
5th Place US$700 Jimmy “Greek” Marcus (USA)
6th Place US$600 Corbin Harris (Australia)
7th Place US$500 Colin Provost (USA)
8th Place US$400 Chris Senn (USA)
9th Place US$300 Sergie Ventura (USA)
10th Place US$200 Daniel Cardone (Italy)

1st Place US$1500 Nicky Guerrero (Denmark)
2nd Place US$800 Pat Ngoho (USA)
3rd Place US$500 Jason Parkes (New Zealand)
4th Place US$400 Sasha Steinhorst (USA)
5th Place US$300 Mike Rogers (USA)
6th Place US$200 Mark Samuels (New Zealand)

So the stand has been taken away for another year, after thousands of screaming fans saw 30 of the world’s best local and international skaters battle it out for top honors.

These riders will now go on to compete in the Bondi Bowl-a-rama Saturday 21st 2009 and Bowl-A-Rama will be back to blitz Wellington, New Zealand again next year.