Shaun White Makes History... Again


Shaun White became the first competitor in snowboarding history to win both the Snowboarding Halfpipe and Slopestyle at the oldest and most prestigious event in snowboarding, The US Open. This was a huge milestone in Shaun White’s Career for many reasons. One, he’s never taken a podium spot at the US Open for Halfpipe, and two, this win combined with his first place in Slopestyle means that Shaun has successfully gone undefeated for the entire snowboarding season; 12 and 0. One other snowboarder in the history of the sport, Oakley’s Terje Haakonsen, has only done that feat.

The entire event took place over one week; and it has always been known as an opportunity for snowboarders from all over the world to put their skills to the test and see if they can work their way up the qualification ranks for a chance to compete against the best snowboarders in the world. In true US Open fashion, there were many un-established snowboarders who came to the plate with everything to prove. After the long grueling week of qualifiers, Oakley had several who proved themselves worthy and made it into the final rounds. For the men, Oakley’s Dustin Craven out of Alberta Canada impressed judges at the Quarterpipe, Halfpipe, and Slopestyle events by showing his diversity and ability to compete in each discipline. Dustin made it to the finals for Quaterpipe, semi-finals in Halfpipe, and put down amazing runs in Slopestyle that secured him a spot in the Slopestyle finals. After battling it out with world-class heavyweights, 19-year-old Dustin Craven finished in 7th place in Slopestyle. Dustin also placed second for best new rider and narrowly missed winning the snowmobile.

Oakley’s Ellery Hollingsworth was another triple threat to work her way through the ranks. At 14 years old, Ellery was the youngest girl to make the Halfpipe semi-finals as well as the youngest girl to make the finals in Slopestyle. She impressed so many people at this event that she was announced "Women’s Rookie of the Open" and took home a brand new snowmobile.

While Ellery was figuring out how to drive a snowmobile, Shaun White was figuring out what do to with his new Volvo. With a first in Halfpipe and Slopestyle, he was crowned "Men’s Overall Rider of the US Open" taking home the keys to a brand new Car.

Gretchen Bleiler didn’t leave empty handed either. After an awesome Halfpipe performance, Gretchen left the event ten thousand dollars richer with her second place finish. Right behind Gretchen was Oakley’s Elena Hight, who took the third spot along with the award for best trick for her Frontside 900.

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Men’s Halfpipe:

Shaun White
Danny Davis
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Women’s Halfpipe:

Tora Bright
Gretchen Bleiler
Elena Hight

Men’s Slopestyle:

Shaun White
Chaz Gouldemont
Jussi Oksanen


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March 19, 2006

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