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The Land of the Rising Sun experienced a star-studded, hotly-contested two-day snowboard showdown as the 6(SIX) Star Nissan X-Trail Jam resulted in title victory for Shaun White (USA) based on overall Quarterpipe and Big Air performance, and his first 1000 TTR points of the season, in front of a capacity crowd at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo 9th-10th December, 2006.

Friday presented fierce Quarterpipe action as ten international riders, including the TTR World Tour 05/06 Top 5 and all three Olympic Halfpipe medalists met three seeded and three qualified Japanese riders in front of 30,000 spectators. On the 7-metre feature, six riders cut to the Super Final – all three podium riders from last week’s TTR 6(six) Star Nokia Air & Style, Travis Rice (USA), Risto Mattila (FIN) and Antti Autti (FIN) were joined by Nissan X-Trail Jam defending champion, Nicolas Mueller (SUI), outstanding local, Daisuke Muakami (JPN) and lastly Shaun White (USA), in an unforgiving Quarterpipe climax. In the jam session, riders dropped like rapid fire to produce brilliant creativity. Mattila threw an enormous McTwist followed by a tweaked-out frontside 360 Japan. Not to be outdone, Autti pulled out a backside 540 and then a backside 720 Japan, followed by a huge Method. Rice and White went head-to-head; Rice with a massive backside 720 and White a clean backside Rodeo, McTwist and a frontside 10. Mueller, last year’s title-holder all but landed a huge one-footed McTwist. It was Antti Autti who reversed the position of last week’s Nokia Air&Style, pipping Risto Mattila for 2nd position whilst White took podium position for the Quarterpipe Round.

Saturday continued the suspense as the Quarterpipe was ripped out to make room for the Big Air ride-off. 45,000 spectators witnessed a tightly run contest between TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion 05/06 Mathieu Crepel (FRA) and Nokia Air&Style victor, Rice. The odds favoured Crepel after he landed a perfect switch backside 1080; with one run to go on the best-run-counts format, Rice engaged the entire stadium to motivate him to successfully pull off his winning Nokia Air&Style with a double back 1080, to drive him into an unassailable lead to claim the Big Air title. White’s third position was sufficient enough to provide him the winning overall aggregate to take the Nissan X-Trail Jam victory back to the States, and TTR World Nr. 10 position with his TTR 1000 point bounty.

Overall third place at the Nissan X-Trail Jam leapt Finland’s snowboard fiend Mattila to TTR World Nr. 2 on the TTR Ranking List, based on an average contest result score divisible by ‘6’. Hot on Mattila’s heels, Swiss style-master Mueller moves up from TTR World Nr. 9 to Nr. 4, whilst Autti (6th) Rice (9th) & White (10th) make debut entries in the TTR Ranking List Top 10 in a season that already ensures the TTR World Snowboard Tour Champion 06/07 title winner cannot be pre-decided.

Nissan X-Trail Jam 06 – Final Results (QP & BA combined)

  1. Shaun WHITE (USA)
  2. Travis RICE (USA)
  3. Risto MATTILA (FIN)

Nissan X-Trail Jam 06 – Quarterpipe (QP) Results

  1. Shaun WHITE (USA)
  2. Antti AUTTI (FIN)
  3. Risto MATTILA (FIN)

Nissan X-Trail Jam 06 – Big Air (BA) Results

  1. Travis RICE (USA)
  2. Mathieu CREPEL (FRA)
  3. Shaun WHITE (USA)


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December 10, 2006

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