Shaun Shreds The White Stuff In China For The First Time Since Vancouver


Oakley was proud to bring Shaun White to Nanshan Ski Village about one hour outside Beijing for his first turns on snow since his gold medal winning run at Cypress Mountain, BC. White hosted several top media outlets including the BBC and CCTV, answering their questions in front of the Oakley branded ski hill.

After conducting the interviews it was time for Shaun to get his shred on and to say the fans went crazy over White hitting the slopes would be an understatement! Young kids and adults alike screamed Shaun’s name, took photos and had jackets, magazines and more signed by White.

Shaun was stoked to get his shred on in China because it truly had been almost year since the last time he had hit the slopes, with his last time on snow being at the Winter Olympics back in early February.

“I cannot thank you guys enough, these was insane to be able to shred in China,” said White to the Oakley team on the ground. After several hot laps on the slopes it was time to head back to Beijing for an interview with the Oprah of China, Yu Lu’s Talk Show, which is seen by over 100 million households in China!

But before Shaun could leave the slopes of Nanshan Village he was given two very special gifts from the owner of the ski resort. He presented White with two unique items from his travels to Tibet, consisting of a handmade gold smoking pipe and a one of kind handcrafted figurine that symbolized a dragon and turtle on a mountain that looked very similar to snowboard turns down a mountain. Shaun was elated with thanks for these two generous gifts from the owner of Nanshan Village