Oakley At Summer X


It was a steaming hot weekend in Los Angeles for the 11th annual Summer X Games where the top athletes of skate, BMX, MX, wake and surf come to win the gold and make their mark. Both Staples and Home Depot centers crawled with spectators while Oakley athletes represented with huge success taking home multiple medals across the board.

Men’s Street Skate kicked off the games Thursday with Othello Clarke commentating live for ESPN with his Gas Can’s glued to him. The competition was a combination of line, ledge jam, rail jam, and gap jam. During the rail jam, Greg Lutzka executed a mind-boggling frontside 270 to backside noseblunt slide just after time ended on the rail jam session. The trick didn’t score, but it was an epic symbol of why he won the silver medal, his first piece of hardware in three X Games competitions. Ryan Sheckler took a nasty slam attempting a backside smith grind during the rail jam session. After a few minutes on the sidelines with the paramedics, he got back in the action and landed the back smith, back lipslide and a host of other bangers. In the end, Paul Rodriguez went for the repeat win putting Greg Lutzka in 2nd and Sheckler in 4th.

That evening, Oakley kicked the party off with a rager cohosted by Blender magazine at the Key Club on Sunset Blvd. A prestigious group of Hollywood players and top athletes walked the red carpet. Stars ranging from Ice T to Rachael Hunter posed for paparazzi while top Oakley athletes like Shaun White, Gretchen Bleiler, Jon Olssen, Koji Kraft, Ryan Sheckler, and Layne Beachley walked the media wall outside. Inside, Jamie Little (Oakley Eyewear) took a break from her busy MX commentating schedule to do interviews for ESPN’s new access show. Benji Madden from Good Charolette kicked off the music followed by an insane appearance by the Ying Yang Twins who kept a full house bumping all night.

Friday, Staples center poured with people for the Men’s Skate Vert Finals where Shaun White earned his first Summer XGames medal. White, who busted 720’s and body varial frontside rodeo 540’s in his run, wasn’t too upset that the gold slipped through his fingers to Pierre Luc Gagnon due to a fall in his final run. He was able to hold his silver spot with a hungry Sandro Dias, the Brazilian spinning machine, chasing close behind. Sandro worked the halfpipe back and forth boosting airs and landing insane spins like the clean 900 in his first run which earned him the Bronze…

Saturday, Dallas Friday, Oakley’s newest women’s wakeboarder dominated her competition again winning her 4th Xgames gold verifying her reputation as the best female rider the sport has seen. Friday distinguished herself with high-risk tricks no other girls attempted: a rock-solid OHH and a big, stylish bat wing—every trick with more height and intensity than any other woman in wakeboarding.

Later that day, Shaun White was the center of attention practicing 720’s before his 1080 attempt. He never landed, but Bob Burnquist hit the big trick of the day, a blunt fakie on the extension and a frontside 540 nosegrab tail tap. Again, Sandro Dias, the 2004 winner, was pushing limits landing a 900 over the channel early in the contest but couldn?t land an alley-oop 900 for the podium spot and settled for 4th. However, Rune Glifberg was one of only three riders to land more than one trick. Despite bruised ribs and a morning full of Big Air qualifiers, Glifberg broke off a kickflip back lipslide and a scary-as-hell-to-watch disaster up on the vert extension.

Results: (Oakley Athletes in italics)

Men’s Skate Street

  • Paul Rodriguez
  • Greg Lutzka
  • Chris Cole
  • Ryan Sheckler

Skate Vert

  • Pierre-Luc Gagnon
  • Shaun White
  • Sandro Dias
  • Bob Burnquist
  • Rune Gliberg

Women’s Skate Street

  • Elissa Steamer
  • Evelien Bouilliart
  • Marissa Del Santo
  • Lauren Perkins

BMX Vert

  • Jamie Bestwicka
  • Chad Kagyr
  • Kevin Robinsont
  • Jay Miron
  • Koji Kraft

BMX Park

  • Dave Mirra
  • Scotty Cranmer
  • Ryan Nyquist
  • Josh Harrington

BMX Best Tricks

  • Jamie Bestwick
  • Dave Mirra
  • Chad Kagy
  • Jay Miron
  • Koji Kraft

Mx Best Tricks

  • Jeremy Stenbergd
  • Nate Adams
  • Dustin Miller

Women’s Wakeboard Finals

  • Dallas Friday
  • Emily Copeland Duram
  • Tara Hamilton


  • East Coast 100.75
  • West Coast 96.5 Chris Ward