• Brazilian Wunderkind Luan Oliveira Joins Oakley Skate Team || Interview


    Posted 4 months ago by Chasen Marshall

    A skateboard and some ingenuity carried Luan Oliveira a long way. The setting has changed – from the streets of Porto Alegre, Brazil to the bright lights, big paydays and raucous crowds of Street League – but the passion for having his feet on a skateboard are very much the same. Despite the drastic lifestyle changes, Oliveira remains a giddy, good-natured kid at heart who wants to skate fast and stomp tricks. He still finds himself gazing at his surroundings with disbelief, be it on a trip with some skate legends or in the X Games gauntlet, but he’s earned every bit of good fortune that’s come his way. Oliveira is the newest member of the star-studded Oakley Skate Team, so we took a few minutes during his first visit to the Oakley Bunker to rap out with the guy.

Luan Oliveira

Date of Birth:
September 22, 1990
Porto Alegre, Brasil
Nike, Flip, Oakley, Independent, MOB Grip, Diamond Supply, Matriz Skateshop

Career Highlights

    • 2014: Silver Medal, X Games Street – Austin, Texas
    • 2013: 4th, Street League Overall Standings
    • 2013: Street League "Video Part of the Year" (Best of 2013)
    • 2013: Bronze Medal, Summer X Games Street/Street League – Munich
    • 2013: 1st, Tampa Pro
    • 2013: 2nd, Copenhagen Pro
    • 2012: 1st, Copenhagen Pro
    • 2012: 1st, Maloof Money Cup
    • 2011: 1st, Copenhagen Pro
    • 2011: Silver Medal, Summer X Games Street – Los Angeles
    • Video Parts: Flip's "Extremely Sorry"; Nike's "Chronicle #2"; Thrasher's "Strike and Destroy"