Consecutive Tampa Am wins (never before or since achieved) and a brilliant debut part (in Flip’s “Extremely Sorry”), launched Luan Oliveira onto the skate scene, announcing him as the newest and one of the most technical Brazilian talents to come along. His mix of advanced technicality with next-level consistency has ignited Luan’s ascension to the professional level and continued to impress as he’s established himself as both a gritty and clutch competitor and a dynamic talent in front of the lens. Having proved himself a force on the international contest circuit (4th overall in the 2013 Street League standings), all the while pushing the science of ledge and gap mathematics, Luan’s ability remains without limitations as he continues to navigate uncharted territory.

Luan Oliveira

Date of Birth:
September 22, 1990
Porto Alegre, Brasil
Nike, Flip, Oakley, Independent, MOB Grip, Diamond Supply, Matriz Skateshop

Career Highlights

    • 2014: Silver Medal, X Games Street – Austin, Texas
    • 2013: 4th, Street League Overall Standings
    • 2013: Street League "Video Part of the Year" (Best of 2013)
    • 2013: Bronze Medal, Summer X Games Street/Street League – Munich
    • 2013: 1st, Tampa Pro
    • 2013: 2nd, Copenhagen Pro
    • 2012: 1st, Copenhagen Pro
    • 2012: 1st, Maloof Money Cup
    • 2011: 1st, Copenhagen Pro
    • 2011: Silver Medal, Summer X Games Street – Los Angeles
    • Video Parts: Flip's "Extremely Sorry"; Nike's "Chronicle #2"; Thrasher's "Strike and Destroy"