Alessandro Sorgente is one talented skateboarder. At the age of 16, Alessandro, or ‘Alex’ as he’s better known, had already won 23 championships, more than 50 contests, and was one of the youngest athletes to ever be invited to compete at Dew Tour and X Games.

Alex’s philosophy in life is ‘go big or go home’ and he certainly seems to be someone who practices what they preach, but despite his already extraordinary list of achievements, Alex remains grounded and determined, with quite a lot he still wants to achieve in what should certainly be a long career. His life-long goal is to make a living from his skateboarding – and if he keeps his current performance up, that shouldn’t be a problem!

Alex Sorgente


Date of Birth:
November 26, 1997
Lake Worth, Fla.
Oakley, Red Bull,, Grind for Life, Pocket Pistols, HG&W, Type-S , The 187 Pads
Surfing, Motocross, Mountain Biking

Career Highlights

    • 2014: 2nd, Vans Bowl-a-Rama Bondi
    • 2014: 1st, Australian Bowlriding Championship
    • 2014: 2nd, Bowl-a-Rama Wellington
    • 2014: 2nd, Rio Bowl Jam
    • 2013: 1st, Tim Brauch Bowl – San Jose, Calif.
    • 2013: 1st, The Jambo Park – Bologna, Italy
    • 2013: 5th, Summer X Games Park – Barcelona
    • 2013: 2nd, Bowl-a-Rama New York City
    • 2012: 2nd, Mystic Cup Bowl – Prague, Czech Republic
    • 2012: 1st, Vans Am Pool Party