Dave Bachinsky was born in Lowell Massachusetts and still lives there today. Although he’d been skating for most of his life, the world didn’t take notice of his skills until they caught eye of Dave’s gigantic kickflip down the infamous El Toro stair set. Although he’s grateful of the attention he’s gotten since then, he wants the world to know that he’s more than just a dude that hucks himself down big stuff.

More than anything else, Dave loves to skate mini ramps and tranny street spots. His ability to execute ultra technical flatground flip tricks on transition is unmatched. When not skating, you’ll likely find Dave in his home town with a Marlboro in his mouth, a dirty camoflauce cap on his head, and a pool cue and plain cheeseburger in his hand.

Dave recently went pro for City Skateboards and had last part in their latest video, “What the F*** is a Bachinsky?” With Dave’s skills and easygoing, chilled-out personality, you’ll be sure to see plenty of him in the future. We can’t wait.

Dave Bachinsky

Date of Birth:
March 6, 1986
Lowell, MA
Oakley, Think Skateboards, Vox Footwear, Pioneer Skate Shop, Hubba, Venture, FKD

Career Highlights