Oakley's Tyler Hendley Lands Gold In Shanghai


Oakley’s Tyler Hendley won the Skateboard Street gold medal at the 2010 KIA X Games Asia. Oakley’s Sandro Dias earned silver in Skateboard Vert.

All through the contest it looked like defending champion Austen Seaholm was set to retain his title.

Hendley was falling a lot in the beginning of the contest and was frustrated. He finally pulled off what he called a “safe” run, but noticed he was in last place. He still had one more run to go.

Hendley said, “I was over it. I kept falling. I was trying to take things a little more serious. For once, I had a good night’s sleep. I had come all the way to China and it seemed like a waste. I just thought, I’m going to go all out. So on my final run, I just went for it.”

Hendley landed a backside 180 kick-flip over the shinzin gap to pull off a faultless run and a score of 87.33. Plus he happened to land directly in front of the judges, meeting their eyes. The two leaders were relegated to second and third.

That night Hendley was introduced on stage at a local Shanghai club as the kid that just earned gold. He was, as he says, the “hype man” for the rest of the night.

In the Skateboard vert contest, Oakley’s Brazilian Sandro Dias rallied the crowd with an 80.00 finish and earned silver.