• Oakley Skate Team BBQ in Oz


    Posted over 3 years ago by Elishia Matta

    With the contest stress out of the way, members of the international Oakley skate team in Australia for the 2011 Van BOWL-A-RAMA contest could sit back relax and take in this beautiful Sunday in Bondi Beach.

  • Oakley's Renton Millar Crowned 2009 World Cup Skateboard Champion


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    Oakley’s Melbourne Skateboarder Renton Millar has been crowned the 2009 World Cup Skateboard Champion at the T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds contest in Berlin, heralding a new era for Australian skateboarding. The 34-year-old Millar, who is known for his technical flip trick variations such as 360 flips and lives in Melbourne’s Elwood, started skateboarding in 1987, and has been competing on the World Cup circuit for the past 12 years. He’d been short of managing to break through to the magical top three until now, making his crowning a pinnacle achievement.

Renton Millar


I really like the sound of breaking glass!

Date of Birth:
June 30, 1975
Melbourne. Its a bloody rad place to live!
Mountain Dew, Billabong, Independent, Bones, TSG,
Surfing, Guitar, hanging with the wife

Career Highlights

    • World Cup Champ 2009
    • 1st CPH Pro 2008
    • 1st Rome World Cup 2009
    • 1st oi Jam Rio De Janeiro 2009
    • 1st The Clash - Berlin 2011