Tom Tom was born in Staten Island, NY, moved to Norway when he was eight years old and bounced back and forth across the Atlantic until he found a home in Hollywood. Tom Tom has pretty much skated every day since he hit his first launch ramp when he was five years old.

Q & A

  1. Years skating?

    I started skating when I was five years old outside of my house on a 80's jump ramp.

  2. Favorite skate spots?

    Barcelona, Spain, Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills and my hometown Kristiansand, Norway.

  3. Place you'd like to skate but haven't?


  4. Who has influenced your skating?

    My brother Thor. Growing up in a small town in Norway there weren't a ton of people to skate with. My brother and his friends Influenced me. Now I get Influenced by people that are just good skaters and are down to have a good time.

  5. How did you get with Oakley?

    I got with Oakley by skating around at all the contest in Norway and photos in Scandinavian mags and filming a lot.

  6. Strengths:

    I went to building school for two years after high school in Norway so I know how to build houses.

  7. Music?

    I like a lot of Music...80's, Norwegian black metal, rap...Lil' !ayne, Lil' Jon, T pain...

  8. Can you call out a single career highlight and why?

    When I got my first big interview and the cover of a skate magazine in Norway. Also to be part of the Oakley skateboarding team.

  9. Something about you we don't know?

    I speak Norwegian and English--Norwegian to my dad and English to my mom. And every time I go on a plane, I have to high-five the outside of the jet before I get on for good luck!

Tom Erik Ryen

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Date of Birth:
March 8, 1985
Kristiansand, Norway/Los Angeles, CA
Grenade, Oakley, Etnies, Bernhardsports

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