Dew Tour Stop #1


Two-time Dew Tour champ Ryan Sheckler came out swinging again for the Skate Park Finals at the Panasonic Open, the opening event on the 2007 AST Dew Tour. Sheckler won three of the five events on the 2006 tour, and seems determined to sweep the whole thing in 2007.

Sheckler’s second run was nearly flawless, punctuated at the end by a massive step-up gap transfer to manual as if to reassure everybody he is still king. Sheckler had a nearly unbeatable seven-point lead before the jam rounds even started, and held on to the end.

Teamate Greg Lutzka nabbed second in the Park Finals. His frontside 270 backside blunt slide in round one of the jam session, and his last-minute frontside flip to flat off a massive drop at the end of the second jam round were highlights of the event.

White, Burnquist take First, Second in Skate Vert

From his first drop-in during practice sessions to his Skate Vert Finals victory lap, Shaun White has been calmly living up to the huge hype surrounding his every move. “This year I’m coming on strong,” White said after claiming his trophy. “Every day is a new challenge.”

White posted a massive score of 94.25 in his first of three runs, then had the enviable opportunity to stretch out and have some fun on the ramp through the rest of the contest with huge 720s, a big stalefish frontside rodeo 540, and a full bag of big spins and super-technical flips and lip tricks.

Bob Burnquist finally narrowed the gap, edging closer to White with a score 91.00 and runs featuring frontside rodeo 540s and signature lip tricks like a switch one-foot smith grind.


Staff Writer


June 25, 2007