Ripping Green: Oakley’s Bob Burnquist Takes Over NBC’s “Locally Green” Show


When you’re a skateboard legend, people pay attention.

That’s why Oakley’s Bob Burnquist is using the spotlight to show his fans and the public that it’s literally cool to go green.

With a pile of X Games medals amongst other accolades throughout his storied career – he’s still shredding, hard-core. Owning the youngsters at X Games 16 this past Summer and still killing it on the Dew Tour, this action sports legend is still doing it all…eco-friendly style.

NBC in Los Angeles got a first-hand glimpse of it all – as they paid Bob a visit at his Vista, Calif. home. From his Oakley branded Megaramp to his first bamboo competition board to his signature series Oakley Gascans (made of recycled shades) – Bob gives the public a rundown on his environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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Andrew De Lara


November 18, 2010