Ryan Sheckler Claims Victory


At the fourth of five stops of the Mountain Dew Action Sports Tour, held in San Jose, Ca last weekend. Oakley team rider Ryan Sheckler was victorious once again. This victory seals his overall victory (with one contest yet to be held) in the five-stop tour that included the Panasonic Open, held in Louisville, KY, Right Guard Open in Denver, CO, Vans Invitational held in Portland, OR, Toyota Challenge in San Jose, CA, and the Playstation Pro which will be held in Orlando, FL starting October 16th.

The 15-year-old skateboard superstar had two perfect runs, which included effortless backside lipslides down the handrail, and an enormous frontside flip over the bank to flat. This amazing performance put Ryan 111 points ahead of the number two skater, making him uncatchable. With the $75,000 in prize money, Ryan has plans to buy a house.

Ryan has been a part of the Oakley team since he turned professional and he has been a perfect fit since. Ryan is currently traveling with Tony Hawk on the Tony Hawk American Wasteland tour. It’s cool to see that somebody like Ryan, who truly lives to skate and have a good time, can make a living and provide for his future while doing what he loves.

Be sure to check out Ryan’s documentary on Fuel TV’s First Hand.


Staff Writer


September 17, 2005