Ryan Sheckler takes Global Assault!


Proving that he’s more than an easy-come, easy-go talent, 16-year-old Ryan Sheckler clinched yet another contest victory Feb. 11th at the Global Assault contest in Melbourne, Australia. The Global Assault is the first major contest of the 2006 skate contest series, and one of the most lucrative for skaters. This year’s winner took home a check for $30,000. There had been rumors about Ryan’s ability to keep up the fevered pace of last year’s contest wins and awards, but this win proved that Sheckler is a force to be reckoned with, and will be for a long time.

“I feel really good—I don’t know if I expected to win but I definitely expected to skate the way I did and how it all ended up was fine,” Ryan Said. Regarding second place finisher, 11 year old Nyjah Huston: “We didn’t care, we’ve got nothing to worry about, it’s all uphill for us and we’re just going for it.”

Another Oakley team rider, Greg Lutzka, clenched 5th place and started his year off right.

While in Australia, the team also had the opportunity to film for their upcoming video. The team was just as happy with their video footage as they were with the contest. While skating the infamous gold rail at the Melbourne train station, hundreds of people gathered around the team as they annihilated the rail, turning the session into an impromptu demo, complete with a product toss and autograph signing for the kids.


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February 11, 2006

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