Dew Tour Stop #2

Here’s a simple fact: There is nobody on the AST Dew Tour skating as fast or going as big as Shaun White. In Vert finals, White stomped his run with a huge 720, a fully-inverted McTwist and the Crumble, a frontside rodeo 540 with a body varial thrown in for good measure. White is now two for two on 2007 tour, and Saturday’s win at the Right Guard Open brings his points total in the quest for the Dew Cup to 200.

Burnquist’s second run—featuring a frontside 540 rodeo, a backside 540, and a huge frontside cab to lien grab—held strong for a podium finish at 3rd place with 87.00 points. Burnquist now trails in 2nd place in the overall standings.

Rune Glifberg finished 4th. He’s been winning World Cup Skateboarding competitions all over the globe this year and was skating in top form. He may very well get his day in one of the next Dew Tour events.

Ryan Sheckler left Baltimore boasting that he’s hoping to win all five Skate Park events on the 2007 Dew Tour, and he put the second notch on his belt in Cleveland. He held first place after two runs for the first round of competition, stayed on top through the first jam session, and held his lead to the end of the final jam. Along the way, he nailed some impressive tricks to show why he’s the two-time Dew Tour champ and well on his way to knocking down his third.


Tess Weaver


July 22, 2007