Glifberg Rules the Skateboard Park Two Years In A Row


He’s one of only three athletes to have competed in every X Games since its inception. He holds nine X Games medals, but until his win in the Skateboard Park competition last year, none of them were gold. If today’s performance was any indication, Rune Glifberg’s X Games bridesmaid curse is over.

Glifberg qualified first in the Skateboard Park Elimination on Saturday, and came into the finals on fire, skating with fluid style at breakneck speeds. The competition going into the final round was fierce. Bronze medalist Chad Bartie wowed the judges with aggressive, creative lines throughout the part skatelite, part concrete skate park that Glifberg helped design.

Last year’s silver medalist, Andy Macdonald elicited cheers with his big 360 transfers and backflips over the hip, but was unable to score high enough to move out of second place.

In the end Glifberg, with his huge transfers and graceful backside tailslides over—and inverted whips through—the cradle, could not be stopped.

“I like the format of this year’s contest. It makes us work hard and strategize more,” said Glifberg, who switched up every one of his 30-second runs in the 15-minute jam session final.

“Yeah, that was fun,” he added, with a smile. “I may have to try for the three-peat next year.”




August 03, 2009