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June 2014

  • A Sit Down With Sean Malto, Newest Member of the Oakley Skate Team


    Posted about 1 month ago by Chasen Marshall

    The prestige level of the Oakley Skate Team took another step up this past month. Welcomed to the team is Street League champion, video part master and all-around good dude, Sean Malto. The 24-year-old Jayhawk (born in Leavenworth, Kansas) may look like the boy next door with equal manners, but the guy is chilling in a contest setting, with a steely nerve that allows him to dismiss what the rest of us would consider high stakes nerves. While the contest accolades and jaw-dropping video parts (see “Pretty Sweet”) equate to the sort of reputation that makes him a big-damn-deal in skateboarding, Malto still finds himself in awe of all he’s experienced due in large part to a grippy piece of wood with wheels. During his first visit to the Oakley Compound – alongside some high-profile travel companions (Eric Koston, Atiba Jefferson and Curren Caples) for a project soon to be announced – we took a few minutes to run some tape.

  • Cool Under Pressure: Local Boy Chase Hawk and Oakley's Finest Shine at X Games Austin


    Posted about 1 month ago by Chasen Marshall

    His moment finally arrived. After dealing with injuries and spotty judging over the past couple years, Chase Hawk finally got his due. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time and place: at X Games in its inaugural year in a new town, Chase’s hometown of Austin, Texas.

  • Skateboard Legend Rune Glifberg and 20 Years of X Games


    Posted about 1 month ago by Chasen Marshall

    Rune Glifberg has been apart of X Games since the beginning. He was on hand that first year in 1995 when the event was called Extreme Games and ESPN and the greater sporting landscape were still trying to wrap their respective heads around where action sports fit into the bigger picture. Nearly 20 years later, Rune is an icon in skateboarding, an eight-time X Games medal winner, and at 39 is still a contender for the podium every year.