Chamonix, France

Nate & Seth

I just recently returned from an amazing trip to Chamonix, France.  I was out there with Oakley who is making a two-year film project about Seth Morrison. Seth is one of the most iconic big mountain skiers in the ski industry who has impressed the hell out of all of us with his amazing segments in ski movies for the past 10 plus years.

This movie is going to be more of a documentary film about Seth and he has chosen to come to Chamonix for one of the segments. Chamonix is very different type of skiing then Seth is used to. It is different than a lot of the heli skiing trips he has been on and as always when you enter these mountains your eyes are wide open as you are just a tiny bug in a huge forrest! So hanging out in Cham with Seth has been a really cool experience. In Chamonix there are no helicopters to take you to the top of beautiful powder covered peaks, instead you take a tram and get dropped off in the middle of the Alps and you are on your own.  It is up to you to get around these mountains safely, as many objective hazards are always lurking near by. For most of the lines you want to ski, it is up to you to climb them using skins, crampons, ice axes and you need a keen alpine awareness as you need to watch out for crevasses, seracs and avalanches.

Joining us on this trip is Kye Peterson who is young and very talented with great natural instincts for the big mountains. Also joining us is Nathan Wallace an old friend of mine from back home who has spent the past 10 seasons in Chamonix. It is his local knowledge and vast experience with the area that will give us a great advantage when it comes to skiing some of the bigger objectives we have planned for the movie.

This trip was a warm up trip for our return in late April when conditions should hopefully be prime for some classic Chamonix steep skiing!