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Jon Olsson has out done himself again, after five consecutive years of the great JOI format, Jon dropped JOSS on the skiing community. JOSS’ goal was to produce one of the most progressive contests ever, and did it ever! Ten teams consisting of the best skiers in the world teamed up with their photographer and videographer of choice and competed in a ten day, five feature event.

The format allowed for each day to be a new one for the riders, the five set features were the “The Launcher” – “The Floater” – “The JOI” – “The Rhythm Section” – “The Experiment”. All of which produced incredible next level skiing from all the teams, and each team had their own unique approach to documenting the action. Some teams used paragliders to film from above, while others did traditional ski follow cam and a few produced some of the best heli cam park shots ever.

When it was all said and done, Saturday was the day of wrecking and it came up fast in providing the final edit. Jon and Fredrik put together a huge gala in which a $100,000 projector showcased the ten video parts. At around 7pm over 3,000 Swedes made their way into the Holiday Club’s Megaplex to witness history in the making. While the riders showed up in true Hollywood fashion, by Cadillac JOSS branded cars and helicopter. Once everyone was in the video parts were shown to huge applause. Oakley awarded three black on black Holeshot watches to the team that received the biggest applause, i.e. “The Peoples Choice Award.” Team Simon Dumont took this award running away with perhaps the best edited five-minute segment of the contest.

But in the end an overall winner had to be chosen and the solid panel of judges, headed up by skiing legend Philou Priorer gave Team Sammy Carlson the win. Sammy, Dom and Nate went absolute nuts on stage. “This is all I wanted to do,” stated Sammy in a complete frenzy. “I came here to win, it’s been a tough year with some of my contest results, so to win this was huge for me and my guys!”

Check Out The Poster Signing & Closing Party Photos

Partying ensued into the early morning hours, which were met by people trying to catch planes, trains and automobiles back to Stockholm. Big ups to Jon for putting on an amazing event, Fredrik his manager, Peter for killing it with the logistical nightmare of dealing with the athletes and all the sponsors that made JOSS 2008 so amazing!

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Matt Murray


April 08, 2008