A Night at Copper


After almost a full week of the Oakley Global Ski Team doing photo and video shoots it was time to try and pull off a nighttime Superpipe session. Tanner Hall’s personal filmier and director extraordinaire CP (checkout Believe) ran the idea by Lauren at Copper Mountain Resort and by mid-week we had Saturday night dialed down as the night to session.

On Saturday it continued to puke snow from the sky all over the greater Summit County area. Making for a snowy Superpipe, but Frank Wells from Snow Park Technologies had been maintaining the pipe in almost pristine condition all month with the help of an 18 foot Zaugg Pipe Monster. Riders from around the world were claiming it as the best early season pipe they had ever ridden. So with a perfect Superpipe shape dialed, some fun soft snow in the flat bottom and an insane lighting set up courtesy of Copper Team the Oakley crew was ready to descend upon the u-tube.

The crew consisted of current reigning Winter X Skier Superpipe Champ – Tanner Hall, Winter X Skier Slopestyle Silver Medalist – Sammy Carlson, two-time Winter X  Skier Superpipe Champ – Grete Eliassen and two-time Olympic Silver Medalist and four time US Open Champ – Danny Kass.

Sammy Carlson, Oakley’s hottest young ripper has been hanging out with Tanner the last few weeks and it shows. Carlson more known as a park / jibber kid, has been busting huge flat spin 540s and sick 900s out of the pipe.

As Greg Strokes, Oakley Ski Sports Marketing Manager and I arrived with Grete, Sammy and Tanner were already slaughtering the Superpipe. All of us were super impressed with Copper’s lighting set-up; three to four hits were completely lit up by their portable light towers. As Grete warmed up the skies began snowing harder than we had seen all week, we are talking sheets of white falling from the sky at a 45 degree angle. In less than a minute the sky was more white than black and snow was accumulating at an absurd rate. But that did not stop Tanner from boosting lofty spins deep into the white night.

About halfway through the session, Danny finally made it. All of us were staying in Breckenridge, which with the weather was a tough drive, taking at least twice as long as it normally would. Kass was stoked to session the pipe with Tanner and began cruising the 18-foot walls with his signature laid-back steezy style.

By 9 pm everyone was pretty spent and needed to motor back to make it in time for the final Revolution Tour party at Celicia’s.

Many thanks to Copper Mountain Resort, their crew and specifically Lauren in the PR / Marketing Department. Also, big ups to CP and crew for pulling together the night session, and of course to the riders for putting on a show in the snowy Copper Pipe.