Oakley's Sammy Carlson Takes Third At The Final Stop of The Winter Dew Tour


Oakley’s Sammy Carlson placed in slopestyle at the third and final stop of the Winter Dew Tour, at Mount Snow, Vermont.

With a field of twelve in the best of two-run format, running order was dependent upon previous stop placement, and the event started strong.

Oakley’s Jossi Wells showed why he is a constant threat in any and all disciplines with a solid 630 over the first gap onto the down box. Moving into the Nike 6.0 rail Wells stepped up the game with a misty 450 out, and while landing a little tip heavy he continued with precision and professionalism onto the first of three jumps on the course with a solid switch right 9. Again with a slight bobble in the landing he moved onto the only double-double attempt of the day on the last two jumps, boosting a solid double cork 12 into what was scheduled to be an attempted switch dub cork 10, but caught an edge just before putting down what would have undoubtedly been the winning run, and putting up a score of 75.

Carlson showed his relentless consistency, style and versatility on both the rails and jumps with a 270 on 450 off the Nike rail to switch right 9 on the first jump. Moving into the Toyota box Carlson continued his reign of terror with a cork 630 out, to 270 on 270 off the down rail option. On the final two jumps Pasty C tossed a switch right 9 to double cork 10 with a poke although he barely held the landing, leaving room for improvement going into the second heat. With Carlson’s desire for perfection you could tell he wasn’t pleased with the less than immaculate stomp, and although he posted a respectable 1st place score of 81 he knew it wouldn’t hold.

With the athletes watching on from the start tent Carlson was followed by three of the top four contenders. Bobby Brown hit the course showing why he is the new face of freeskiing, stepping up to the challenge set by previous riders with a score of 85.

With some shift in the lower standings things heated up again as it came time for Carlson, Brown, Håtveit and Wallisch to hit the course. Carlson cleaned up his previous run, posting a score of 86.75, just behind Håtveit.

Then Bobby Brown ripped onto the course and continued to bring the fire we all saw last week when he took both slopestyle and big air gold medals at the X Games. 450 onto the down box, to misty 450 off the Nike 6.0 rail, to switch right misty 9 on the first hit, followed by another misty 630 off the Toyota box and 270 270 off the down rail, into a switch left 9 to stepped up double cork 12 on the final hit, exploding into the first place position with a score of 91.75.

Slope Finals all said and done, Bobby Brown has taken yet another victory and although he won the fight, it was Andreas Håtveit who won the war, winning the overall Dew Cup in slopestyle.

1) Bobby Brown – 91.75
2) Andreas Håtveit -89.00
3) Sammy Carlson – 86.75
4) JF Houle – 84.00
5) Alex Schlopy – 83.00
6) Alexis Godbout – 82.00
7) Tom Wallisch – 80.00
8) Jossi Wells – 75.00
9) Joe Schuster – 73.75
10) Charles Gagnier – 72.50
11) McRae Williams – 67.75
12) Elvis Harsheim – 66.00


Erin Edwards


February 07, 2010

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