Best Trick & Old School Contest


On yesterday some insane action went down as the sun began to set over the Are Mountains. After about 45 minutes of practice the crowds started to fill in and watch the Best Trick part of the evenings festivities. The format was pretty straight forward, starting with 180s, each skier would hit the jump and throw a 180 and the best styled out 180 would be crowned the winner and then move onto 360s, all the way up to 720s.

The Oakley skiers dominated in the first two categories, Sweden’s own Jacob Wester won best 180 and Simon Dumont took best 360. The action was intense and was capped off with best old school trick where screamin’ semens, six twisters, back scratchier to koisak to back scratchier, d-spin 720s, spread eagles, 360 mute grabs, and double front flips being thrown down. The crowd really enjoyed this portion of the contest, my favorite part was watching all the young Swedish kids video tape the jumps on their cell phones. There is something very funny about watching dozens and dozens of 10 year old kids chatting up on their $300 cell phones, shooting video and playing mp3 songs. Sweden is a unique place that is for sure.

The final two jumps of the evening were amazing to watch, first was the young crazy kamikaze Japanese skier – Shinji, who went some 15 plus meters into the air and at least 30 meters in length, over shooting the landing and blowing out his knee. He was okay to get up, but had done some pretty serious damage to his knee and was on the next flight back home. Truly impressed with his ridiculous airtime the crowd erupted with a ruckus applause. Then with the final jump Sammy Carlson; Simon Dumont, Jacob Wester and Jon Olsson all hit the jump at the same time with an assortment of tricks.

When asked about this year’s event, Oakley Sports Marketing Ski Manager, Greg Strokes had this to say, "This is the final year for the JOI in Sweden and I feel it’s going to be his best event since these series started 2 years ago. Not only the parties are great but also the Arena is looking super sophisticated and the event is really well organized for the riders. Everything is going super smooth this year and I’m excited to see the final event on Saturday. The level of skiing has stepped up again from last year and so many skiers are doing double flip’s and skiing with lots of style."

Today is the Oakley Nations Cup where each country will be represented by two skiers hitting the jump at the same time. The action should be radical to say the very least. Look for a new web post tomorrow here at recapping the Cup’s action, until then check out some of the photos from yesterday.