A Quick Trip To Nelson, BC w/ Oakley Ski Team


Nelson, BC (Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2007)

January 3rd was a travel day I was traveling to Nelson, BC, to cat and heli ski with Seth Morrison, Tanner Hall, Dan Treadway and Kye Peterson for the next week and a half. Like so many other travel days I was a mess, nothing was packed, all my clothes were still dirty and it was time to leave. I had spent the last 2 weeks shooting for Poor Boyz Productions in Whistler, came home to Vancouver for one night, enough time to catch up with some friends and to leave again. Dan Treadway picked me up, alongside Kye, and we spent the next nine hours driving to Nelson.

Dan, Kye and I arrived at eight that night, just in time to hit up some good Mexican food and relax a bit after the long drive. After dinner we got a call from the rest of the crew, their flight was delayed. The next flight would arrive at 9 pm. A 9 pm arrival wouldn’t normally be that bad at all, but the crew was flying into a town five hours away from where we were, and five hours with good road conditions. Long after I had gone to sleep at five in the morning the rest of our crew arrived. Weary eyed and exhausted they deserved some much-needed rest. I guess the roads weren’t that good… The issue was that it was going to be sunny the next day, meaning that we had to get up to go shooting.

After two hours of sleep we got up, hit the panic button, and headed straight to Snowwater heli and cat ski lodge to shoot. After we all rushed around for two hours to get organized for the heli, clouds literally rolled in as we were going through a safety briefing regarding the chopper. Three hours of mayhem to barely miss our window to shoot. Super typical. At least the crew could sleep a bit…

Seth, Tanner, Kye, Dan and I spent the next two days shredding at Snowwater. Hitting cliffs, skiing blower pow and generally having an amiable time. I’ll tell you one thing, the food is GOOD at Snowwater.

After our short stay at Snowwatter we headed to Retallack and Stellar Heli Ski, which is another snowcat / heli ski operation close to Nelson. Once we arrived at the lodge it became evident that some type of serious partying was about to go down. A band was setting up and a bunch of random dudes super fired up were milling about. It turns out that Freeride Entertainment, some dudes who make mountain bike films were having their Christmas party at the lodge that night. They had hired a band called Jermun to play. It was bizarre to travel to a little lodge in the middle of nowhere only to find a hair metal band, which would end up rocking out until 2 am.  Earplugs aside, I didn’t sleep much that night.

The next morning the lack of sleep didn’t bug me that much when I realized how fun the terrain is at Retallack; long trees runs and deep powder equaled all time fun skiing.

Then next week was spent skiing and shooting for Tanner Hall’s upcoming film, which will be in stores this fall. Lots of left and right turns, some three hundred and sixty degree spins along with a mess of other trickery went down in an effort to gather footage and ‘get the shot’.

Like all good things, the trip had to come to an end. Sitting in the back of Dan’s truck, knees cramped like an Indian bus ride, I type this to hopefully allow you to associate with our trip in some capacity. Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible at Oakley, it was awesome and make sure to check out next years film from Tanner Hall to see all the antics.

Take care,
Anthony Boronowski