Oakley Ski Team Goes to BC


We (Tanner Hall, JP Auclair, Pep Fujas, Dan Treadway, myself, Tyler from PBP, CP From TBP, Chris O’Connell, Damian Cromwell, David Steiner, Greg Strokes all arrived in Spokane, WA for what was going to be a deep trip of all sorts. 2 vehicles took us North to the BC border just south of Nelson on our way to Retallack Cat Skiing.

The border was a bitch as always since we all look like a bunch of freaks to these border dudes. After 2 hours and every nook and cranny looked through even our records, Pep was denied entry. Greg, Tyler and myself took him back to Spokane airport. The rest of the crew went on to Retallack (3hrs), while we drove (9hrs) getting into Retallack at 7am, The Darkness filled our ears. Sleep was far from the menu at this point, we suited up and headed out to find knee-deep untracked cat skiing. Oh, it was snowing and didn’t stop the 4 days we were there. Each run got deeper and deeper. Lots of long tree skiing with natural hits all over. Freeride mountain biker Robbie Bordon and Derrick Westerland from Freeride Entertainment showed up to make sure we were good to their local snow.

We left and moved onto Nelson for the night with a movie showing at the Rez (WAR, Teddy Bear Crisis and Pop Yer Bottlez). The night was full of scoop and hammers as well as hockey glove sized snowflakes. This made us go crazy, since we were on our way up to Bald Face Lodge in the morning. Before departure to Bald Face we were told about the Norwalk virus (Puking for 14hrs straight). It seems to be running around a few cat skiing operation lodges in BC. We thought it could never happen to us, so we jumped into a heli and 5 minutes later we were at Bald Face, still puking, snow that is. The next day we got out skiing, still snowing. We found deep snow, each day was deeper than the next, unbelievable. The trees looked like candy canes at both cat skiing areas.

We got to throw down pretty hard in these conditions besides getting face shots the whole way down on the phatest of skis. Bald Face gave almost all of us the special Norwalk gift. Quite the experience really. In the end it was the deepest skiing trip I had been on in about 10 years. The last time was in BC as well, but on skinny 213’s. It was a great group of guys to be with and I would like to thank Westerland for all the help, Dem (the guide) for watching our asses out there as well as Phil and everyone at Retallack and Jeff and everyone at Bald face, can’t forget Bordo either. Nice way to start off the shooting season in the Great White North.