Morrison Hotel: There Will Be Cruxes


Bring your green wrist band to ward off piestero’s because we’re going hiking.

The last three days of the trip were great except the wind factor. Some were driven batty by this, but it was just something you had to get used to, to be outside and ski. So just as soon as the video crew left, things seemed to fall into place for us. The winds persisted, but clear skies—and still no Marte—meant walking was all that could be done. It wasn’t as bad as you would expect though.

DAY 1 and we, by chance, try the Caris lift to traverse from the the top to under the Neptuno lift to cut off some hike time. The Caris lift wasn’t running, but when we showed up it was. The Neptuno never opened this day, so the traverse got us to the mid-way of Neptuno. The wind is blasting.

Our group numbered six. So we start skinning; ran into some Americans that had started from the base area and hike with them as we get to the Marte. And the piestero’s are out checking for the green party wrist band—this says that you signed a liability wavier to go off-piste. This never used to be the case years ago. Some of us have it, some don’t, so it’s paper-work time for the have-nots.

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