Seth Morrison Dispatch from Haines


Ahhhh, back to Haines, AK. Been looking forward to this since I left 10 months ago. Up here with Erik Roner, Ian McIntosh, Tanner Hall and the TGR Crew filming for “Re:Session”. First things first, weather. This is always and continues to be the topic of conversation. We have had mostly cloudy window shopping conditions this season. Really tough to predict what’s going on, so you have to take it as it comes. One noticeable difference this season is the dryness of the presnowfall. Snow came in cold, so it hasn’t stuck to the faces like in past years. Lots of snow in town, and in the peaks, steeps are boney and seems like one could run out of skis with the rock damage incurred. Looking to see some pastey dumps to cling to the lines, its still good skiing just got to be on the lookout for clipping a rock in your line that could send you tomahawking, which has happened to some of us, but hasn’t slowed us down. Check out the other pics and stay tuned for more to come, 6 more weeks. Till next time.


Seth Morrison


March 25, 2009

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