Retallack to Ring in the New Year


To Ring in the New Year had a chance to goto Retallack, BC for some fun and shooting. 3 trips in one about 2 weeks of time in all. Its always an adventure getting there, being there and leaving there. Here is a bit of what happened.

Pre arrival we were told that a large system was moving in and our close airport flight would most likely be canceled. This ended up happening and flew a bit closer from Calgary and watched the ski bag drive away on the luggage loader truck as the small plane rolled away to for departure. Ended up waiting 4 days for the skis to show, but had a interesting storm drive to Retallack as it was, which was nice to see since the area of Nelson and beyond was reporting lower tide conditions per the usual. First day out was quite the opposite of what I had heard, 4 plus feet of cold pow, baseless. So deep and fast. It snowed at least 5 inches per day, with one of the days having 2 feet fall over night and 1 foot during the day of skiing. Pretty much indescribable. The New Years bash was one to be expected being in an off the grid environment. People taking it to the rising sun, something we never saw much of by the way. It ended up being a tough go to leave, we ended up staying one extra night due to road closures from avalanches covering the roads out and everywhere else. Snow plows had a tough time moving much of it for days, the roads had been closed for a few days before we left, but during that time we were there and didn’t much care at the time.

Want to thank all the staff, guides and Cat Drivers for making this a great way to start the 2009. There were some staff that couldn’t leave, but had fun will all that were there even though it was their supposed days off and they still had to work. It was a true adventure and experience for all involved, thanks for the good times! Check out the Gallery for more pics.