Oakley Cleans Up at the 2012 Powder Awards & Reader Poll


The 12th annual Powder Awards and Reader Poll returned to the historic – and rumored to be haunted – Hotel Jerome in Aspen, Colorado last night. There was crazy energy in the hotel as everyone who’s anyone in the ski industry gathered for a night celebrating yet another amazing year of athletes crushing it, photographers freezing spectacular moments in time and video production teams putting it all on film for us to relive over and over again.

For all there was to celebrate, this past year also had with its share of loss and challenges. Most recently the death of beloved freeskier Sarah Burke was top of mind. Therefore, to begin the show Powder played a touching retrospective of all the amazing talents the industry has lost this year and asked first for a moment of silence and then for a moment of noise in honor of Sarah and her forever joyful spirit.

Sarah was actually voted number two in the Reader Poll, for which her coach Trennon Paynter accepted on her behalf saying “Sarah loved her adventures, competing, skiing – although she didn’t necessarily love coming in second…” which sent the crowd into a roaring frenzy. “I’m going to miss her,” continued Paynter, “But she’s with us. You can feel her energy all over the pipe. Do it up right, the way Sarah would!"

And everyone stepped up to the challenge.

Including the Oakley crew who cleaned-up taking home over a dozen awards. In fact, some of the night’s top honors went to the Oakley crew with Oakley’s 1242 Productions’ The Ordinary Skier winning Best Cinemaography, Sean Pettit placing second in the Reader Poll and winning Male of the Year and Kye Petersen taking more than his fair share of awards placing sixth in the Reader Poll and winning not only Best Natural Air, but the Full Throttle award as well!

Overall it was a great night with the ski family united under one roof celebrating the sport they love and the people who keep it alive.

Congratulations to all the winners!

2012 POWDER Awards Results

Reader Poll Top 10 Men
1. Tom Wallisch
2. Sean Pettit
3. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa
4. Seth Morrison
5. Bobby Brown
6. Kye Petersen
7. Erik Roner
8. Tanner Hall
9. Eric Hjorleifson
10. Henrik Harlaut

Reader Poll Top 5 Women
1. Ingrid Backstrom
2. Sarah Burke
3. Kaya Turski
4. Grete Eliassen
5. Rachael Burks

Video Awards

Best Female Performance
Ingrid Backstrom – Attack of La Niña (MSP Films)

Best Male Performance
Sean Pettit – Attack of La Niña (MSP Films)

The North Face Breakthrough Performance
Parker White – After Dark (Level 1 Productions)

Best Natural Air
Kye Petersen – All.I.Can. (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Manmade Air
Nothing Else Matters (Legs of Steel)

Full Throttle
Kye Petersen – All.I.Can. (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Line
Dean Cummings – The Steep Life (Nick Bowie)

Best Jib
J.F. Houle – After Dark (Level 1 Productions)

Best Powder
Tobi Reindl, Paddy Graham, Thomas Hlawitschka, and Sven Kueenle – Nothing Else Matters (Legs of Steel)

Best POV
J.P. Auclair – All.I.Can. (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Editing
All.I.Can. (Sherpas Cinema)

Best Cinematography presented by GoPro
The Ordinary Skier (1242 Productions)

Best Web Series
Salomon Freeski TV (Switchback Entertainment)

Best Documentary
The Freedom Chair (Switchback Entertainment)

Movie of the Year
All.I.Can. (Sherpas Cinema) (featuring Kye Petersen)


Elishia Matta


January 26, 2012