Tour of Georgia 2007


Oakley continued its domination in cycling for 2007 with another strong showing at the Tour of Georgia, one of the most important cycling stage races at the USA.

Oakley won two stages and took first and second overall for the event. The victory went to our young star, team CSC rider Janez Brajkovic, who claimed his first win as a professional and the Tour of Georgia’s best young rider jersey for the second time, along with a second place for Christian Vandevelde. Both Brajkovic and Vandevelde were wearing RADAR at the last stage and on the podium.

On Sunday the Rolling O Lab made a stop in Atlanta, Georgia for the final stage of the Tour de Georgia. Upon arrival Steve Blick, area Oakley Sales Rep, Sam Baker, some invited riders and fans came by to check out the lab.

Several of the top Oakley athletes came by to visit the lab, specifically first and second place finishers in the Tour of Georgia, Janez Brajkovic and Christian Vandevelde, also making an appearance was Oakley golfer Ricky Barnes. In addition with the help of Garry Gant a few of the Georgia Tech baseball players came buy after a win to see what the Lab had to offer. In total the lab received over 100 visitors on Sunday.

Tour of Georgia Results

Final General Classification:

  1. Janez Brajkovic (SOL) / OAKLEY RADAR
  2. Christian Vandevelde (USA) / OAKLEY RADAR

Young Rider Classification

  1. Janez Brajkovic (SOL) / OAKLEY RADAR
  2. Lucas Euser (USA) / OAKLEY RADAR

Sprints Classification

  1. JJ Haedo (ARG) / OAKLEY RADAR