• Sebastien Loeb Wins Record 8th World Rally Championship

    Seb Loeb

    Posted over 2 years ago by Elishia Matta

    Oakley prides itself on creating products that are as unprecedented as our athletes and when the team is chalk full of world-class competitors, that is never an easy task. This past weekend however, Oakley Rally driver Sebastien Loeb raised the stakes even higher claiming his record 8th World Rally Championship in as many consecutive years.

Sebastien Loeb

sebastian loeb 2
Date of Birth:
February 26, 1974
Haguenau, Bas Rhin- France
Sony Playstation, Le Coq Sportif, Stilo, Elephant Blue
Surfing, MX, Helicopter Flying

Career Highlights

    • FIA World Driver Champion 2004
    • FIA World Driver Champion 2005
    • FIA World Driver Champion 2006
    • FIA World Driver Champion 2007
    • 47 WRC Wins