American Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit Team Beaten In Final By World Record Time, Canadians Take Third


The American Women’s Cycling Team Pursuit Team entered the London Velodrome knowing they were up against some hefty competition, as well as a hopeful home crowd. Their opponents – the hometown favorite, Brits. On their home track, the British women scorched a world record time to top the Americans in the finals. Canada’s female team beat Australia in the third place race.

Having set the world record earlier in the day, the British team of Dani King, Laura Trott and Joanna Rowsell set out to please the home crowd, including Sir Paul McCartney. They did just so, crushing their own world record in the mean time.

Replacing former world keirin champion Jennie Reed with road racer Lauren Tamayo, the American team including Sarah Hammer, Dotsie Bausch, and Tamayo put up a valiant effort, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to beat the dominant Brits. Their new world record time of 3 minutes, 14.051 on Saturday was unbeatable.

“They’re in a league of their own,” American rider Jennie Reed said, “and we knew that. The rest of the countries have a long way to catch up.”

Canada’s Tara Whitten, Gillian Carleton and Jasmin Glaesser narrowly escaped with a third place finish against the Aussies. The Canadians skimped by with a victory of only 0.12 second; with a 3:17.915 for Canada and a 3:18.096 for Australia.

“They are breaking records every time they ride,” Canada pursuit coach Tanya Dubnicoff said of the British squad. “In a sense it’s almost subliminal that we are in the same competition.”

It was a brilliant day in the London Velodrome filled with triumphs and world record rides. All the women put on a dazzling display of track cycling in front of 6,000 eager fans, including a very pleased Beatle.


John Ohail


August 05, 2012